iPad carrying case with shoulder strap


Sherpacarry has created a hands free iPad travel case line that takes form and function to a new level. Our expertly designed all-in-1 iPad covers make you just as mobile as your device. What may first draw your attention to the Sherpacarry cases is the shoulder strap. With this feature, we have made you more mobile and more versatile while working, traveling, or walking anywhere. Having an iPad carrying case with shoulder strap attachments lets you roam free without having to deal with full hands or bulky backpacks.

But it takes a lot more than that to be the best iPad carrying case on the market. Sherpacarry cases also have a Velcro stand system which allows for infinite viewing angles, not just 4 or 5. A stylus holder allows you to access your stylus without having to dig in your purse or pocket, and the rear pouch is perfect for everything else you need on the go.

Sherpacarry has created a shoulder strap carrying case for iPad products that gives you independence while being able to have one of your essential mobile devices by your side. With our infinite angle stand system, stylus holder, and roomy pocket pouch, the Sherpacarry is the premier iPad case with shoulder strap additions.