Sherpa Saddle| Coming Soon!

Traveling can be rough with kids. Portable DVD players have helped, but in today’s world of instant streaming media, you want to give the folks sitting in the back more options. The Sherpa Saddle was made to be the best iPad headrest holder on the planet. With this specially designed iPad headrest mount, you can give everyone in the back complete control over what is on the iPad. Games, movies and more are available with a touch of the finger and this hands free iPad headrest case will give them the freedom of streaming media without the discs, without having to hold anything and with a bigger screen!

Like the Sherpa Carry, the Sherpa Saddle is revolutionizing the way you use your iPad. All the inconveniences of using the iPad in the car are now gone. Simply strap our iPad headrest case to your headrest and you’re set. Have your backseat passengers experience everything the iPad has to offer while freeing their hands and giving them the opportunity to fall asleep on those long trips (hopefully)!

When you reach your destination, just remove your tablet from the iPad headrest holder and be on your way! Make your expeditions more fun with the Sherpa Saddle! Get this excellent iPad headrest mount today and ditch the old DVD player and bring your car trips to the future with this revolutionary iPad headrest mount!