The Sherpa 2/3/4 - Midnight


The Sherpa Magnetic is a shoulder strap field case for the iPad2/3/New iPad. Benefits of the Sherpa include...

  • Hands free mobility for your iPad 2/New iPad on the go.
  • Upright display option
  • Stylus Holder
  • Easily access your iPad without interrupting workflow
  • Removable strap
  • Featured Color "Midnight"  

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From the crack of dawn into the heart of midnight, the dark and enticing Sherpa Magnetic will guide you through your day by having the ability to keep one of your most important pieces of technology by your side at all times. This iPad carrying case with a strap makes traveling with an iPad possible while having the freedom if using both hands. Easily access your iPad without interrupting workflow and carry it wherever you go.

Having an iPad case with a shoulder strap will make your iPad more useful and give you the ability to take it places you never would before. The Sherpa Magnetic is an excellent iPad case for school and business alike. 

So get out and get to work with the best iPad case for school, business and travel with the Sherpa Magnetic.

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